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Ian Shears
I agree to some extent with your analysis.  In saying this I am trying to balance two things.  I suppose you read CLOT/CLNT occasionally – the Concordant Old Testament and New Testament.  Here we have a pretty good version of Scripture.  According to this source there was a Disruption – their terminology.  This looks like a different story than we have been told.  So I have tried to take the Concordant’s view with Geological research results.  This led to a Pastor – Barry Setterfield – and his Cosmology which to some extent is convergent with Electric Universe material.    I have modified and altered Barry’s work to produce a new revised Chronology reconciling Biblical and Geologic dating.  There exist two Chronologies – one Hebrew and one ‘Greek’ or Scientific.  The traditional Biblical chronology seems to be based on Talmudic views which they got from Ur (Sumerian).  But Ur is a broken reed historically – a pious one albeit.  The Greek view is quite based on ancient, classical Histories.   So at the end what do we have?  One Chronology that leads to ‘The Talmudist’s Elijah-taught 6,000 years’ and the other a 6,500 year reconciled across ACADEMIC (your Satan’s worldly institutions) disciplines.  We must then give credit where credit is due.  Strictly-speaking both Chronologies are right – Greek and Hebrew.  See Barry Setterfield for a difficult argument on this point.  The work of Chris Scotese is an academic work based on an excellent putting together of the facts (often he has had to sort the academic wheat from the academic chaff).  WELL DONE Chris.    At the end CLOT/CLNT version of figures of speech in Scripture outclasses E. W. Bullinger.  The argument that these figures are not historic is probably true but misleading.  The facts of Geology (converted to orbital dating) do show a Disruption, a re-creation Adam, animals etc.  Life on Mars becomes something wiped out in the Disruption – if that is where a reader wants to go.  All sorts of other bits of Archaeology, which is really Geology-Archaeology under CUT’s new paradigm are also possible.  John Goldingay gives the Hint in his Theology of Book of Isaiah of another group that God will, in time, deal with.  So plenty of matters can be resolved without true interdisciplinary conflict.  This takes us back to the old Devil’s tricks which include endless reductionism to which you, Rose, most strongly and rightly object.

Neoproterozoic rifting in the southern Georgina Basin, central Australia: Implications for reconstructing Australia in Rodinia

Tectonics: an AGU Journal, Volume 29, Issue 5
October 2010
by David C. Greene

[1] A system of northwest striking Neoproterozoic rift basins underlies Paleozoic strata in the
southern Georgina Basin of central Australia. Normal faults bounding these rift basins were
selectively reactivated during the mid-Paleozoic Alice Springs Orogeny and are now
expressed as high-angle reverse faults that invert the preexisting rift basins. Exhumed and
eroded rift basin remnants are present in the hanging wall of the Oomoolmilla, Lucy Creek,
Tarlton, and Toomba reverse faults, and rift basins may be preserved in the subsurface
beneath the Toko Syncline and Burke River Structural Belt. Rift basin fill indicates two
periods of extension: a major rift-forming episode between approximately 700 and 650 Ma
(coeval with Sturtian glacial deposits) and a second episode of extension at approximately
600 Ma (coeval with Marinoan glacial deposits). This northwest striking rift system in central
Australia supports results from other regions, indicating that the Neoproterozoic continental
margin of Australia consisted of northwest striking rift segments offset by northeast striking
transform faults. Such a configuration is geometrically incompatible with a Laurentian
continental margin consisting of northeast striking rift segments and conflicts with
reconstructions such as SWEAT and AUSWUS that match Australia with western Laurentia
in the Rodinia supercontinent.

Is there a third way?

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Are we justified in accepting AIG material and material as our only two
reasonable options when it comes to Ancient Chronology/History/Geology or Archaeology?


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  • Abstract:
    This is Barry Setterfield’s formula (without parameters given) that I used to convert radiometric years
    to orbital (our everyday) years.
  • see image just above the bottom of the page

Gravity & Dinosaurs

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An amusing diversion concerning ZPE and orbital dating.
What do we Know?
Patagonia between 95 and 100 million years ago
Mongolian-Japanese expedition in a geologic layer formed between 70 million and 90 million years
ago in the late Cretaceous Period
The University of Queensland, School of Biological Sciences announced a major new discovery. The
world’s biggest dinosaur footprint was discovered on a 15 mile stretch of the Dampier Peninsula
coastline, dubbed ‘Australia’s Jurassic Park’, on Monday. The footprint fossil assemblage contains 21
different types of dinosaur tracks, making it one of the most diverse in the world. [140 to 127 Ma
Meet Dreadnoughtus schrani, one of the most massive land animals of all time. [Ca. 77 ma]
K-T is -2934.
Given that reproduction seems to be 40 years and death who knows? say 60 years then Patagonian
bloke looks like about -2951 to -2982 i. e. to 209 Ma birth.
Mongolian fellow looks like -2936 minus 60 equals -2996. So 180 Ma is a birth date.
Australian dino appears to be 131 Ma on average. That is the date of his death is -2970. Add 60
years to -2970 and we get -3030 or 240 Ma approx.
So Dreadnoughtus schrani is -2940 at death in 77 Ma. Add 60 years backwards. In -3000 we have his
birth year of 187 Ma.
Listing births we have 180, 187, 209 and 240 Ma.
Thus we can say that by 240 Ma the Gravity had substantially waned and had in the 94 years to the
the time when the great capacitor discharged probably been continuously going lower.
The theory behind this bit of logic is that without an early circuit-breaker a charge discrepancy began
to build probably between the outer edge of the Earth, electrically-speaking and the landmass
(electrically-speaking) below that resulted in Gravity – an electrically-sourced entity – being reduced.
This reduction grew over a 94-year (orbital, remember ZPE) period. The dielectric or other
equivalent broke down in -2934 and a hell of a bolt from the blue gave Chixilub a worldwide
This is, of course, a scenario that suits the CUT Peleg dating – see below
Shem Arphaxad Cainan Salah  Heber  Peleg    Reu    Serug  Nahor   Terah  Abram
-3425  -3325  -3292  -3162  -3032  -2898  -2768  -2638  -2508  -2429  -2299
-2990  -2860  -2832  -2702  -2532  -2559  -2431  -2308  -2300  -2224
435         465     460      460     500      339      337     330      208     205
If Peleg was born as the Earth completed the major tectonic ‘musical chairs’ that led to our present
Geography then a bolt 36 orbital years earlier (-2898 – -2934) may have been the lubricant that set
the Moho in motion.
From all this we can offer the following. The dinosaurs died off after three or four years (orbital but
acknowledging ZPE impacts) as a result of an electric discharge which invoked some
chemical/physical effects such as a spread of Irridium etc. The dinosaurs alive post-K-T are probably
adapted to their new environment and some African reports of dinos suggest a water-based and
land oriented life but not a muddy one. Streams reported to support Diplodicus are rock-bottomed.
This fits nicely with the model proposed by

Noah’s World Tour

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Quick tour of scientific sources that show the possibility for a world tour by Noah -3247 to -3237.