Sardinia Proves Date-Conversion Is
the Way of the Future for Geology

Today by Elderly R. Staff

The potential for a Ziggurat in Europe does not intimately depend on orientation of axes of
structure. History reveals the presence of such.
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What caused the Mediterranean
Salinity Crisis?
Answer Job.

In Scripture we have a record of Satan coming before God’s presence and God saying to him “Have
you seen my servant Job, …” The end of this interchange is that Job was allowed to be afflicted and
suffer loss but only so far and not to involve loss of life.
Satan-unleashed uses certain powers to effect the test. This included the dessication of the
Mediterranean which affected Job at an assumed seat of his kingdom in the Aswan area.

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Ötzi the Iceman and Excursus into Dynasty One of Egypt


Today by I P Shears, Feb, 2018

The pattern of sed festivals is upset by the arrival of Job and Shem into the Dynasty One picture.
Normally, so-to-speak, sed festivals follow the pattern;
Year 1 of 30-year counting
End of 30-year interval
Sed year festival
Start year of second sed festival count
End of 30-year counting
Second sed festival year-old
18 years to end of reign of 70 years

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The Geology of Australia 2nd Ed. p.72 – an Example

Today by Ian and June

3,050,000,000 -4,211 David Johnson, p. 72 hundreds of years before 2800Ma Arnhem plateau sedimentation
3,039,415,412 -4,208 ditto 239,415,412 years earlier than 2800 Ma erosion started and the Garden of Eden environs was abandoned for Bad-Tibira
2,200,000,149 -3,911 ditto amalgamation of Pilbara and Yilgarn
1,620,000,000 -3,680 ditto 230 years to form a continental mass
2,200,000,000 -3,911 ditto episode of compression
2,000,000,132 -3,834 ditto episode of compression
1,960,000,000 -3,818 ditto 16 years
1,830,000,000 -3,766 ditto episode of compression
1,780,000,000 -3,746 ditto 20 years
1,670,000,000 -3,701 ditto episode of compression
1,620,000,000 -3,680 ditto 21 years

The Haymond Formation as a
Conjectured Diurnal Phenomenon for
approx. 15,000 Iterations

Today by IPS

The beds that make up the Ouachita and Haymond outcrops, esp. the Haymond beds, are said to be
relatively dated to Bashkirian to Moscovian. However, rhyolite dates give a potential 383 Ma date or
Late Devonian radiometrically-speaking (detrital zircon). Thus we have a rough numerical interval of
383-307 = 76 millions of years. When converted to orbital time we have a period ca. 40 years. Thus
14,600 diurnal cycles gives a basis for timing the depositions. Thus we violate the Law of
Uniformitarianism in the interest of reconciling History and Geology.

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Post stream regarding Flood Issues

Today by ShearsIan

The linked article – SHORT RESEARCH – “Basement-hosted sandstone injectites of
Colorado: A vestige of the Neoproterozoic revealed through detrital zircon provenance
analysis” is a good Launchpad to say something about Flood geology, in my opinion. The
thrust of it, as far as my purpose is, is that the zircons range in date from 1.7 Ga to 825 Ma in
the rock under discussion. The dates can be accounted for as we will see later.

Dynasty One sed Festivals