King Kamose and the Death Angel

: would a modern-day Coroner report on Kamose’s demise “hacked to death by an Angel with a flashing sword on Passover night -1579”?

Today by Elderly R. Staff

The rather sudden and inglorious end to Kamose is most untypical for Egypt. Clearing-UpTimes (CUT) has a unique Chronology greatly upsetting others and contradicting the greats of modern Archaeology/History. This is attributed to Dr. Herman L. Hoeh as the originator and CUT as the finishers of his great work of Chronology. This Chronology places Kamose at the time of his greatest power, and long after any Nubian campaigning – a first-born son of Seqenenre Tao and Sitdjehuti – on the Throne of Egypt and being ‘invited’ to a Passover, albeit refusing the offer.
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Sobekhotep V. Where in time? Dynastic position.

Kim Ryholt has proposed a lacuna slot. Is he correct? Based on Clearing-UpTimes (CUT) chronology – see – he can be placed in a dynastic order. Based on The Old Chronicle he can be dated. Family-wise -Sobekhotep IV, Sobekhotep V and Sobekhotep VI – we can confirm his place in time and order.

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Stele of 400 Years


Today by I P Shears, Feb, 2018

This is a mystery to many because of confusion by ‘fairy tale’ historians. The story is well-known. Seti I is a young man. The former kings who ruled when he was a young bloke sent him to organise for an upcoming 400-year commemoration. He does his job and as king the 400 years – counted from -1659 – occurs late in his reign. His son Ramesses II takes up the cause and by Year 1 of Chenephres (Artapanus) a stele is erected.

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Musings from a Clearing-UpTimes (CUT) Spreadsheet

Today by Ian and June

At -1527; -1571; ca. 30-yr steps (one screen-full)
Bebiankh, Prenomen Semenre,
Nebiriau II,
Ya’ammu (Nubwoserre Ryholt est. 10 yrs),
Qareh Khawoserre (Ryholt est. 10 yrs),
‘Ammu Ahotepre (Ryholt est. 15 yrs),
Nebhepetre (Gardiner Mentuhotep I) A 57, S 37 T. 5.16/6.16,
Kakaure, Qakare Ibi
A 54, Neferkaure
T. Gardiner 5.13/6.13 Sehertowe (Inyotef I) , A 40,
See Dynasty Eleven T. 4.10, Neferkamin Anu
Neferkare-Pepiseneb A 51 (A 42),
T. 4.9, Demedjibtowe = Horus name for Neferirkare OR Wadjkare?,
Neferkahor, A 55,
Wah’ankh (Gardiner Inyotef II T. 5.14/T. 6.14),
Nakhnebtenufe (Gardiner Inyotef III) T. 5.15/6.15 ,
Yakbim Sekhaenre (Ryholt est. 25 yrs),
Yakbim Sekhaenre (Ryholt est. 25 yrs),
Ya’ammu (Nubwoserre Ryholt est. 10 yrs),
Sobekhotep VIII,
Neferhotep III,
Nebiryraw I = Nebiriau,
Sheshi Maaibre = Sheshai, a Caananite Anakim (Ryholt est. 40 yrs),
Neferkahor T.4.12,
S’ankhkare (Gardiner Mentuhotep II) T. 6.17 or T. 5.17 = A 58, S 38,
Neferirkare A 56,
Ammenemhet I S 39,
Merdjefare (Ryholt),
Sehebre (Ryholt),
Nebefawre (Ryholt),
Khakherewre (Ryholt),
Nehsy (Ryholt),
Sewadjkare (Ryholt),
Nebdjefare (Ryholt),
Webenre (Ryholt),
[…………….] (Ryholt),
[……….]djefare (Ryholt),
[….]webenre (Ryholt),
Awibre (Ryholt),
Dedumose I.
60 kings
Thmosis, Tuthmose IV
Amenhotep IV, Amenhotep IV
Achencherses E. = Ankhkheperure Neferneferuaten, Meritaten
Athoris = Nefertiti, Nefertiti
Amenophis, Amenhotep III
Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun
Menkheprure Dhutmose, Tuthmose IV
Nebmare Amenhotep, Amenhotep III
Tuthmosis, Tuthmose IV
Mephragmuthosis, Amenhotep II
Mephres, Tuthmose III
Amenophthis, Amenhotep I
Menkheperre Dhutmose, Tuthmose III
Amenhotep II, Amenhotep II
Amensis, Hashepsowe
Chebros, Tuthmose II
Ahmose I, Ahmose I
14 kings of Dyn #18
By removing Dynasty #11, Dyn #12 and Hyksos from the period -1571 to -1420 – a span of 151
years – we get;
29 Dyn #8, Ryholt’s SIP sequences + 14 resolved Dyn #18 names = 43 kings of
Egyptian identity all paralleled by a Hyksos – presumably!!!

Ramesses II’s Jubilees in Dynamic Years

Today by IPS

CUT chronology has established the dates of Ramesses’ reign. These are used with the Khaemwaset/Khay discontinuity and the various regnal series to date a regular series of jubilees. Alignment of regnal counts is done through the Yr 42/Yr 44 nexus of 121 elapsed days.

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Kamose Ahmose